Standard Puppy Care and Puppy Training – The Early Stages

After you select the puppy of your dreams, you get to take him home without a guide to tell you how to be successful at raising him. The first night is constantly hard since the puppy will begin to miss his Mother and various other siblings.

The dog will require a soft, dry, and safe location to rest. Maybe include a fabric or toy that has his litter mates or Mom’s fragrance on it. You will be strengthening the routine if you run to him when he sobs. Putting a sheet over the box or crate will get the dog used to going to rest at that time.

Puppies are naughty by nature, and like their feline friends, get into everything. Make certain hazardous products like marbles, wires, rocks, and any kind of harmful plants are far out of the puppy’s way.

You must train your puppy not scold your puppy. Scolding your dog must be simply like telling a kid NO. When you tell him NO, you should show him the right habits. For example, if he is chewing up the paper, take it away and replace it wit among his toys. Praise him for chewing his toy.

Reprimands are a part of puppy training and ought to be short and sharp. Hitting or spanking might develop more problems down the road. The pup can become afraid, shy, or aggressive. Always reward for correct behaviors. Treats make an excellent reinforcer. Is a simple scratch in between the ears and a caress.

Feed him a dry meals particularly made for puppies. Watch out for extremely high protein and extra vitamins as they may be dangerous to your expanding puppy.

All these puppy suggestions will help your new puppy make it through those first horrendous weeks away from his household. The bond forming between you will last a life time. For more tips, go to Puppy Training Find more information here How to train your dog


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